How many knives are included along with the Miracle Blade® World Class?

You receive a 13-piece knife set. Included are the Miracle Blade® slicer, Rock 'n Chef, Carving knife, fillet and boning knife, Chop 'n Scoop, paring knife, cheese knife kitchen shears, and four steak and utility knives. As a bonus for ordering, you will receive a second Miracle Blade®. Slicer Totaling 13-Pieces.

What is the purpose of the quick release granton edge on the Rock n'chef

The square scallops creates air pocket that makes cutting of meats, and vegetables easier by making the food separates away from the blade, foods will not stick to the blade due to this design.

What is the purpose of the holes "Cheese" on the cheese knife?

The holes shaped as the word cheese the cheese knife lower adhesion of cheese to the knife. Making it a breeze cutting true soft and sticky cheeses.

How many steak knives are included free with the purchase of a
Miracle Blade® World Class Block?

There are 4 steak knives that are included.

Is there a 30-day money back guarantee on the knives?

Yes there is a 30-day money back guarantee less shipping and processing.

How do a take care of my MBWC set?

We recommend that you hand wash the knifes.